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The goal was to create an ecosystem where content frequently updates, and important content is easily surfaced and highlighted. All three platforms had to work in tandem with the main Spotify.com. Since Spotify would use these platforms to frequently publish articles and release updates themselves, we had to ensure that the CMS would be so easy to use, even our moms would find it intuitive and could publish content on the platforms.



First thing we did was go into the Spotify offices to discuss exactly how their teams operate so that we could create a tool that would best match (and even alleviate) their workflow. How many people need to be able to update the content on the site? How tech-savvy are these people? How often does content update? Who is in charge of creating assets and imagery? Is there a legal process in place for publishing content? What are the sign-off gates in order for something to get published? Are we publishing the same translated content to different markets? If so, how does the translation process work? What does a typical editorial calendar look like for a week? A month? A year? What happens when there is a “breaking” story that needs to go live right away?



Normally when we write about our projects we talk about what it looks like for the visitor of the experience. This time however, we want to lift the veil on the amount of time and effort spent on the less sexy part of our jobs: building and designing the interface that our clients use to control the content of the sites you visit. The stuff very few people ever get to see. The thing you can only access if you work within the organization. In other words, the Content Management System (CMS).

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